Doreen Georgi

Academic Skills for Linguists

  • IGRA 05 (PhD), open for interested MA students
  • time: 09:15 - 10.45
  • room: H1 5.16, GWZ

In this seminar the students will learn how to present the results of their linguistic research. They will be equipped with the skills to write abstracts for and give presentations at internationally renowned conferences and to produce papers publishable in top-quality journals.


  • how to write an abstract
  • how to give a conference presentation (oral, poster)
  • how to structure a paper
  • typesetting abstracts, handouts, posters, papers with LaTex


Apr 14: Introduction
Apr 21: How to write an abstract
Apr 28: discussion of abstracts
May 5: How to write a review
May12: How to give a talk
May 19:

discussion of abstracts,
May 26: How to structure a paper
June 9: practice talks (Siri, Yuriy)
June 16: practice talks (Laura, Mattias)

Assignment (deadline: Friday, June 5):
Please send me your revised abstracts!!!

LaTex course:

Apr 27:

setting up a basic document, basic commands
Mai 6:
(from 9.30)
examples, special symbols (IPA etc.), tables/tableaux
Mai 15:
(from 11.00)

OT-tableaux with OTtablx,
autosegmental structures with tikz,
tree structures with qtree
June 3:
(from 11.00)
arrows in trees,
June 17:
(from 11.00)

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