Doreen Georgi

Long A'-movement from a local perspective

  • IGRA 08 (PhD) / Modul 04-046-2015(MA)
  • time: 11.00 - 12.30
  • room: GWZ, H1 5.16
  • instructors: Doreen Georgi & Martin Salzmann

In this seminar we will look at the technical aspects of long A'-movement with a particular focus on evidence for local modeling of such non-local dependencies. We intend to address the following issues:

  • Size of the cycle (phases): only vP, only CP, CP and vP, not TP, every XP, antilocality, Williams-Cycle
  • the nature of the trigger for intermediate movement steps: edge features, greed, phase balance, repel
  • the nature of "copying": trace theory, copy theory, nothing theory, multi-dominance
  • reflexes of successive-cyclic movement: phonological, morphological, syntactic, semantic
  • alternatives to succ.-cyclic movement: scope-marking, prolepsis, Tree Adjoining Grammar, HPSG


How to do a seminar presentation

Slides of the preparatory course for IGRA students,
material relevant for this course: structure-building (Merge), constraints on movement, succ.-cyclic movement, Agree


Oct 14:

Georgi (2014:ch.2)
Doreen Georgi

Oct 21:

Irish: hybrid chains, PI/PII
McCloskey (2002)
Nico Benz

Oct 28:

uniform/punctuated paths
Abels (2012:15-49)
Luise Popp

Nov 4:

mvt-type-specific edge
features, Abels (2012:
49-64, 83-85, 90-126)
Zorica Puškar

Nov 18:

Boškovic (2007)
repair-driven movement
Heck & Müller (2000)
Daniel Gleim

Aaron Doliana

Nov 25:

Stroik (2009)
Olga Khorkova

Dec 2:

succ.-cyclic movement
through vP
Rackowski & Richards (2005)
Simone Loi

Dec 9:

succ.-cyclic movement
through CP and vP
van Urk & Richards (2014)
Martina Dietrich
Claudia Töpper
Lisa Wagner
Dec 16:

Williams Cycle
Müller (2014)
Daniela Thomas

Jan 6:

GB analyses of PI/PII
Haik (1990)
Collins (1993:ch.4)
Mike Berger

Jan 13:

nature of copies
Nunes (2004:ch.1)
Johannes Hein

Jan 20:

Salzmann (2013)
M. Salzmann

Jan 27:

HPSG slash feature percolation
Assmann et al. (2010)
M.-L. Schwarzer

Feb 3:
Stepanov (2006)

Joh. Englisch