Doreen Georgi
Assistant Professor in Linguistics


Articles in journals and volumes

Work in progress / mansucripts

  • Georgi, Doreen and Mary Amaechi (in prep.): On two types of resumption in Igbo. Ms., University of Potsdam.

  • Georgi, Doreen and Johannes Hein (in prep.): On the interaction of extraction and argument marking in Asante Twi. Ms. in preparation, University of Potsdam.

  • Georgi,Doreen (2019c): Morphological alignment in Ta''oih. Ms.,University of Potsdam.

  • Fominyam, Henry & Doreen Georgi (2019): On subject marking in Awing. Ms., University of Potdam.

  • Georgi, Doreen, Martin Salzmann and Marta Wierzba (2018): Condition C reconstruction in German A'-movement - an experimental investigation. Ms. University of Potsdam & University of Leipzig/UPenn; handout (invited talk at QMU London, November 2018).

  • Amaechi, Mary and Doreen Georgi (2018): Focus marking strategies in Igbo. Submitted to Proceedings of ACAL 49, Michigan.

  • Georgi, Doreen (2014): A reformulation of Baker et al. (1989) in terms of ordering. Unpublished ms., University of Leipzig. handout

  • Georgi, Doreen, Larissa Kröhnert & Jochen Trommer (2011a): Against Portmanteaux in Uralic Verbal Inflection. Ms., University of Leipzig, submitted to Morphology.

  • Georgi, Doreen, Fabian Heck and Gereon Müller (2009): Maraudage. Unpublished ms., University of Leipzig.

Working papers

Edited volumes

  • Topics at InfL, Vol. 92 of Linguistische Arbeits Berichte, University of Leipzig, December 2014 (with A. Assmann, S. Bank, T. Klein, P.Weisser & E. Zimmermann).

  • 2 in Agreement, Vol. 88 of Linguistische Arbeits Berichte, University of Leipzig, December 2010 (with Sebastian Bank and Jochen Trommer).